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Articles Short papers on news concerning North Cyprus Properties.
1 November 2010 Debt - The Decline of the West
12 May 2007 North Cyprus Property - Is it Safe to Buy ?
1 April 2007 Tony Blair and the Seduction of Global Power
23 February 2007 Iraq and Oil
17 February 2007 Iraq - Strategic Options
9 February 2007 Make Money on Property Purchase by Stage Payments
4 January 2007 Tony Blair - Turkey, the EU and Cyprus
16 December 2006 EU and Turkey
12 December 2006 ECHR and the North Cyprus Property Commission
25 November 2006 Cyprus Border Crossing Dangers
12 September 2006 North Cyprus Property Prospects
20 August 2006 Jewels of the World goes bankrupt
22 August 2006 Blair and the Orams
1 August 2006 The Orams Case and Cherie Blair
2 April 2006 TRNC Property Commission
20 March 2006 Do any Greeks want to return to North Cyprus ?  
12 March 2006 Prime Minister gives guarantee to British homeowners in North Cyprus  
16 February 2006 Turkish Cypriot has property returned in Greek Republic of Cyprus  
8 June 2005 Relations between US and Turkey  
18 December 2004 The Rise in VAT from 5 to 15%, and back to 5% again.  
14 February 2005 Will Turkey Join the EU, and the implications for North Cyprus  

Discussion Questions, Comments and Discussion Threads on topical news matters concerning North Cyprus Properties and House Sale.  
3 January 2005 Banks in Kyrenia  
8 January 2005 Famagusta  
17 February 2005 VAT  




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