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Yes, we believe that we are the first developer to offer Mortgages to buyers of North Cyprus properties, based on the security of the property and not on the Purchaser's assets in the UK. Despite the Credit Crunch in the UK, we are still offering mortgages for North Cyprus Property.

A customer can apply for a Mortgage in respect of any Wellington Estates property.

Details of the Mortgage arrangements are on the main Mortgage Page

We normally require a £30,000 deposit, with the balance payable by way of Mortgage. Customers are also required to complete an application form.

At October 2011, the rate of interest is 7.9% and the mortgage loan is denominated in British Pounds Sterling, GBP.

The rate of interest is variable, and in the following examples we have used the methodology adopted by the UK Financial Services Agency for the calculation of the monthly repayment.

For example -

3 Bed Fantasy
4 Bed Fantasy
House Cost
Monthly Repayment
over 15 years  
APR Estimate from FSA

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Mortgages can be redeemed at any time, and normally without penalty. This means that a customer can re-sell their North Cyprus Property prior to the end of the mortgage term of 15 years. For our part, we welcome early redemptions as the cash inflow will enable us to buy more land and build more properties.


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