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18 November 2011   Richard Branson Buys Northern Rock  

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    Richard Branson buys the Good Bank part of Northern Rock, and leaves the Toxic Assets of the Bad Bank in public ownership. WATCH THE VIDEO  
12 July 2008   Bradford and Bingley Bungle a New Share Issue  
    In the aftermath of Northern Rock, it was inevitable that there would be other casualties of the 'credit crunch'. Bradford and Bingley, the 'Buy to Let' bank has barely escaped bankruptcy.  
4 July 2008   Northern Rock - Could it Happen Again ?  
    Gordon Brown wishes to ensure that the sight of customers panicking outside UK banks never hits the headlines again. To this end, a consultative paper has been published which will grant new powers to the Bank of England and the Financial Services Authority.  
24 March 2008   Northern Rock and Bear Stearns - How the Fed acted  
    The response of the US Federal Reserve Bank to the crisis at the investment house, Bear Stearns was swift, decisive and resolute. In comparison, the confusion and botching of the Northern Rock crisis by the UK authorities is lamentable.  
6 March 2008   Northern Rock - How a Problem became a Disaster  
    An overview of the problem which unfolded and became a disaster, ending with the nationalisation of Northern Rock. Media silence on Prince Harry's deployment in Afghanistan is compared to the frenzy and sensation of the Northern Rock tragedy.  
1 March 2008   Northern Rock is Nationalised - What does this mean ?  
    The decision to nationalise Northern Rock marks the end of the Blair philosophy of New Labour and heralds a return to the traditional Labour mistrust and misunderstanding of business. The implications for both shareholders and depositors are considered.  
7 February 2008   Northern Rock Shareholders are not seduced by Virgin  
    Richard Branson tried to use his contacts with the UK government to acquire the assets of Northern Rock on the cheap. Unfortunately for him, his offer sparked a shareholder revolt which led Gordon Brown to resort to nationalisation of the bank.  
12 November 2007   Would you borrow £20 billion from this man ?  
    The Governor of the Bank of England offers funds to UK banks in order to assist them to weather the credit crunch. But the offer is a poison chalice, as any bank who takes the money is likely to be subject to a media leak. This could well start a run on the bank.  
13 September 2007   Bank of England Shipwrecked on Northern Rock  
    The Bank of England, together with the FSA, was totally unprepared to deal with the Northern Rock crisis. The reaction was to sit on the sidelines and to preach of the moral hazard which a rescue could encourage among delinquent UK financial institutions.  
10 September 2007   Why did Northern Rock call in the Bank of England ?    
    An analysis of the cause of the crisis, including an overview of the UK and US household debt statistics. A consideration of the Northern Rock business model, which relied on the wholesale market for funds, as opposed to savings from retail depositors    



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