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Mrs L Crow
Posted 26/07/06

What has happened in the Orams case in London where they were represented by Cherie Blair ?

Leslie Hardy
Posted 27/07/06

The case hearing commenced in London on 18 July 2006 and lasted several days. Linda and David Orams were represented by Cherie Blair. The judge stated that he would consider the matter and come to a view in the autumn. This means the uncertainty for both Mr & Mrs Orams and the Greek complainant / plaintiff will continue for some time. As Ms Blair made a series of references to the broader political background of the case, the likelihood of a speedy and definitive ruling appear remote. A director of Wellington Estates Ltd attended court and made notes - please read our report.



Mr Jo Beccles
Posted 02/04/06

What is this new Property Commission supposed to do ? I have just paid a deposit . Is my house safe ?

Leslie Hardy
Posted 03/04/06

Provided you have bought on land which has valid TRNC title deeds, then you are completely safe, as the government will underwrite any claims which may be successfully made on that land. Most, if not all, government costs will be underwriten by Turkey.

You should therefore check with your solicitor whether he has seen the title deeds.

There are more details about the Property Commission in the Articles section.


Ms Julie Summers
Posted 17/02/05

I have read your article on VAT. I am interested in avoiding VAT for now and passing on my property to my son. How much will it cost each year and what happens if you go bankrupt ?

Leslie Hardy
Posted 17/02/05

There are several stages to the process -
1 The property needs to be placed in Trust. If your North Cyprus Property is being built at present, then you instruct your solicitor to transfer the land into the Trust. You do not need to wait until you have approval from the Council of Ministers for this to be done. Your solicitor should not levy any additional charge for this adminstrative alteration. Wellington will not levy a Trust Entry Charge.

2 During each year that the property is held in Trust, Wellington will levy an adminstration charge. This currently stands at £180.

3 When you instruct us to take the property out of Trust and vest it in either your own name or that of an heir, there is a legal Exit Charge of £260

You are sensible to ask what happens in the event of bankruptcy, insolvency or winding up. In short, the properties held in Trust are not part of the assets of Wellington Estates Ltd, which is registered in the TRNC. If Wellington ceases to trade, then the Trust will continue to exist until such time as each and every property is taken out of Trust by the Beneficial Owner, that is, you or your heir/s.


Mr John Marsden Worcester
Posted 04/01/05

Does anyone live in Famagusta ? Is it similar to Kyrenia / Girne ? And what is it like ?

Peter Wilson
Posted 08/01/05

Famagusta unlike Kyrenia does not really have a major centre point where tourists can congregate and walk down the harbour . Despite this Famagusta is famous for its old town originally established by the Lusignians in the 12th century and then walled  by the Venetians 300 years later. Although very run down and sparsely populated it still holds all the old charms of a Levantine medina with its limestone architecture. Hotels in Famagusta are well apart from each other and almost always have their own beach which are as good as any on the coast of the north. It is also the second largest town in the north after Nicosia with a population of 25 000, this is however mainly due to the university which has a student population of 15 000. There are very few decent places to go out in the evenings as restaurants are far and few between, having said this Palm beach hotel is a 5 star rated hotel which offers a good restaurant together with its casino,  also Salamis bay offers a wide selection of menus from its restaurants.


Mrs B Lynch
Posted 03/01/05

I am thinking of buying a flat in Kyrenia. Are there any good banks in the town?

Posted 04/01/05

Yes, the popular banks for Brits are -

HSBC - tel number (0090 392) 815 9982
Turk Bank - tel number (0090 392) 815 2101

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