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Villa prices start at £59,750
Completed Properties

Apartment Prices start at £26,650
Apartments for Sale


We are first to offer a Mortgage and it is secured on the North Cyprus Property and not the purchaser's UK home. You can also have a mortgage for a Buy to Let proposition.
Mortgage Page - for details
Mortgages - repayment examples


Yes, we have purchased four sites on which we will build Wellington homes. Please note that the land has been paid for and the Title Deeds registered in our name.
Karsiyaka Meadows
Ottoman's Reef
Karsiyaka Bay Vista
Vogue Beach View


We are a TRNC registered Property Development Company, and not an Estate Agent. What makes us different is that we have made significant investments in North Cyprus land. This land has been fully researched and we give customers a 10 year Land Guarantee.

The Wellington Philosophy



What a lovely development !

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Review of the current Cyprus talks
The Orams case
North Cyprus Property

The delusion of pre 1974 Title Deeds




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New Site at the Gateway to the Karpaz
Ottoman's Reef at Kumyali

Dream Villa of Arthurian Legend

Flights, Travel & Holiday News
Essential Information on Flights and Holidays

Nebula Bungalow
A 3 bed bungalow with a large roof terrace

Outstanding investment opportunities
in Residential, Hotel & Casino, Supermarkets & Retail
North Cyprus Investments

Chelsea Apartments
2 bed apartments on a small and exclusive development

Introducing the Wessex Villa
Wessex Villa - NEW !

Wessex Villa
A 3 bed Villa with generous arches, terraces and balconies


Ross Bungalow
A spacious 4 bedroom property

Introducing Karsiyaka Bay Vista
A site at Karsiyaka with stunning sea views - NEW !

Marlbough Villa
A 3 bed Villa with generous accommodation

5% Price Discounts
Save a massive 5% on any Property

Fantasy Tower Bungalow
A towering spectacle

We only build on land we own, based on title deeds we have researched and authenticated. The Wellington Philosophy

4 Bedroom Fantasy Tower Bungalow
Roof Terrace with Sea View
Yes, the SENATOR is coming to stay

Senator Villa
An Art Deco extravagance of decadent living

Land Guarantee - Please ring for details
We guarantee that your land will be 100% safe

Diplomat Villa
A prestigious residence in a spectacular location
Immediate Occupation

Telephone 0090 533 837
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Failure of Unification Talks

23 November 2016 The talks in Switzerland have ended without agreement


North Cyprus Limited Company


North Cyprus Limited Company - Distinctive Features
TRNC Company - Nominee


Cyprus Financial Crisis - the Conspiracy Theory


Karpaz Gate Marina to be enlarged


Turkey complains about Israeli attack on Syria


Turkey and Israel - Old Enemies and Secretly New Friends


Turkey receives Patriot Missiles from NATO



Cherie Blair and North Cyprus


ECHR and the Property Commission

22 June 2014

TRNC Immovable Property Commission runs out of Cash

10 July 2011 Last Chance for Applications to the TRNC Property Commission
3 July 2011 How to make an Application to the Immovable Property Commission
18 October 2010 Andreas Lordos makes a major application to the Immovable Property Commission
1 April 2010 The European Court of Human Rights recognises the Immovable Property Commission
12 December 2006

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has made a ruling in respect of Myra Xenides-Arestis in December 2006. The ruling has important implications for the North Cyprus Property Commission and for all outstanding claims from dispossessed Greek persons which are currently pending at the ECHR.


The Orams Case

12 June 2012 Cherie Blair and North Cyprus Property Rental Tax
8 May 2010 Cyprus - Will the Island ever be reunited ?
1 April 2010 Demopoulos, Nezire and Orams
21 January 2010 Decision of the UK Court of Appeal
14 November 2009 UK Court of Appeal
28 April 2009 Ruling of the European Court of Justice
20 March 2008 Cherie Blair and the Bounced Cheque from North Cyprus
27 January 2009 Presidents Talat and Christofias debate the Property Issue
20 September 2008 Submissions to the European Court of Justice
2 October 2007 The Orams issue a press release from their TRNC villa at Lapta
20 June 2007 Court of Appeal proceedings
8 September 2006 The full judgement report is available.
6 September 2006 Linda and David Orams have been successful in their the high profile legal case in London in which they were represented by Cherie Booth, also known as Blair. The judge ruled in their favour and against the Greek applicant Mr Apostolides.


Women Tourists Buy North Cyprus Property to Find Romance


Northern Rock - the full story


Abdullah Gul and Recep Erdogan of Turkey

12 February 2013 Israeli jets bomb arms ship for Hezbollah in Syria
18 November 2010 Turkey and Israel - Old Friends and New Enemies
12 October 2007 Turkey assents to the Israeli raid on Syria
2 October 2007 Erdogan comes clean on headscarves
8 September 2007 Abdullah Gul is elected President of Turkey - a Covert Islamist ?


Western Oil companies will take over Iraq

24 March 2007

US and UK Oil Companies are now set to take control of Iraq oil production.
The Partition of Iraq - Tony Blair is now proposing that Turkey assumes responsibility for North Iraq. An evaluation of Iraq Strategy.


Turkey and the EU - the Cyprus Problem

16 December 2006

The negotiations concerning Turkey's application for EU membership have reached a compromise conclusion, which recognises the unresolved and outstanding issue of the Cyprus problem. Plus Tony Blair - Turkey, EU and Cyprus


Cyprus Border problems

25 November 2006

British tourists and property owners are now facing serious danagers at the cyprus border crossings and checkpoints. This includes Metehan and Ledra Palace cyprus border crossings.


Jewels of the World goes bankrupt


The Tour operators Jewels of the World and Travel World International stopped trading on 14 August 2006 due to competition from direct flights to Larnaca.

North Cyprus Properties - Review
An Introduction to the market, and a warning for unwary purchasers. The current situation in the aftermath of the Annan Plan of April 2004.
How to finance a purchase without using your UK home as security. Yes, we are the first company to offer a Mortgage facility with repayment periods of up to 25 years..
North Cyprus House Sale - Rentals
An assessment of Rental Prospects for new properties in North Cyprus and the profitable opportunities for buy-to-let customers
North Cyprus House Sale - Contacts
Key contacts for Wellington Estates Ltd in both the UK and North Cyprus including the main contractor, solicitors and architect . You can contact us both in the UK and North Cyprus.
Current Developments
Brief details of the opportunity at Karsiyaka where we have released 20 executive and detached houses on a premier site with sea views
Purchase & Investment > Overview
The financial opportunity of buying and an explanation of the 'Off Plan' purchase concept and the customer benefits
Stage Payments
The Stage Payment Method of Property Purchase and the other costs including solicitor's legal fees, VAT and Stamp Duty. How to make money via Stage Payments.
North Cyprus Property Taxes
VAT or KDV, Stamp Duty, Transfer Fee, Capital Gains Tax
How to get a 10% discount by making accelerated payments which assists our cash flow and still provides the customer with safeguards
Terms and Conditions
Building Plot Investment
Invest your funds at attractive rates of interest, based on the security of land . This provides a high return and your investment is secured on land
Purchase & Resale Option
How to sell your Purchase Option and make a Profit without taking occupation of the property or even visiting the site
North Cyprus House Sale - General Specification
General Specification of Wellington Estates Ltd Properties which comprise features appropriate to a professional, executive home
Standard and Discount Prices for the complete range of properties on release at Karsiyaka, including details of property sizes and bedrooms . Fantasy, Nebula, Mirage and Ross styles.
Map of North Cyprus Coastal Strip around Kyrenia showing Ercan airport. Nicosia, the Crusader Castles and the location of Karsiyaka
Look at our Floor Plans and Pictures for the stylish and UK designed collection of properties on release. These include the Mirage, a 3 bedroom villa, the Nebula, a 3 bedroom bungalow with a large flat roof terrace, the Fantasy, a stunning tower style bungalow with 3 & 4 bedroom options, and the Ross, a large 4 bedroom executive bungalow.
Northern Cyprus News
Master Page for News, Law and Information , Turkey and the EU
A series of articles devoted to topical issues of concern to Property Buyers including VAT, Turkey and USA relations, European Court of Human Rights and several important legal cases, Mortgage, the possible return of refugees, the Property Commission
Stress in the Workplace - A Management Responsibility
A report and legal analysis of the Orams case and Cherie Blair
News Discussion
A question and answer forum for website visitors to interact with the company . Why not ask a question ?
Northern Cyprus Property Exhibition
A list of dates and UK venues where you can view Wellington Estates properties at an overseas property exhibition.
An information page on flights, holidays and tour operators
North Cyprus Property
North Cyprus Properties & Law is an overview of the types of property available and a consideration of the legal status of property in the light of the partition of the island .
Title Deeds
Types of Title Deeds. It is vitally important that a prospective buyer becomes familiar with the several types of Title Deeds in order to avoid any challenge to a legal title.
A description of the stages and costs of the process. Permission to Purchase and Registration of the Contract of Sale
Find a Solicitor provides a comprehensive list of lawyers located in the main towns. Some of the lawyers we regularly work with are highlighted.

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